Wedding Services

We love wedding ceremonies! Whether you have a special request for your music, or prefer to keep it more traditional, we can help! We can provide just about any arrangement to achieve the sound and feel that you are wanting. Maybe it's just an acoustic guitar and a vocalist, or the piano and a saxophone,  it's completely up to you! 

Unlike with our full band, our approach to perfect wedding music is simplicity and elegance. 



A great way to keep your guests entertained between the Ceremony and the Reception is to have a cocktail hour! We are fantastic at getting your guests in the mood for what's to come the rest of the evening. 

We would recommend some jazz or our acoustic trio for this portion of the night. They will play some great background music to keep guests entertained, but still allow conversations to take place. 


This is where we really get to shine, to let loose, and get your party started! We pride ourselves on GREAT music that keeps everybody feeling good. We will ensure that you have the best and most memorable night of your life!

For your first dance, let us know what you'd like to hear  and we will accommodate! We play music from all genres, so nothing is out of our range!

Corporate Functions

Sometimes a DJ spinning the same songs you hear all day on the radio, that's where DMSR comes in!


DMSR has been trusted and relied upon by many different organizations to provide professional and quality entertainment at their functions. They don't just choose us for the great LIVE music, incredible versatility, and the ability to pack the dance floor, but because our organization and logistics process leading up to your event is ROCK SOLID. We provide industry leading entertainment services for events big and small from a multi-day convention, to small dinner events and Christmas office parties, and everything in between. 

How to Book Us 

step one


First, Get in contact with us! You can do that by phone, email, or you can fill out our easy online contact form by clicking here

Once we get your information, we will check our dates, and put together a rough quote for you.

You can ask us anything, the more questions the better! We want to get a feel for what type of event you are planning so we can tailor our group to your specific needs. 

step two


It is certainly recommended that you listen to some of our live audio, or see some live video so you can get an idea about what we sound like. 

Also, listening and seeing us live is the best way for you to not only listen live, but to actually meet the band! You'll get a chance to sit down with us and chat during our breaks, and let us know if you want to hear anything in particular, we love requests.

If we don't have any public shows listed, you could still see us live, just contact us if that's the case and we will give you more details

step three


If you enjoy what we do as much as we do, then you can reserve the date of your choice by placing a 25% deposit by cash, check, or bank transfer and signing the contract.

Don't worry if the timeline hasn't fully been made yet, and in the event that your date changes at anytime, just be sure to give us plenty of notice to update our schedule as well. 

step four


We understand that the planning process for some events can take weeks, even months! When you finally do have everything solidified from your venue, caterer, decor, logistics, etc., we will help you as much as you'd like to work the music into the bigger picture. 

Just tell us the general vibe, and if there was anything in particular that you wanted to hear, and we will take care of it!

step five


This step typically occurs within a week or two of your event. This is the stage in which we will go over all the final details, and formally run through your times and plans for the event, resolve any potential issues, and polish everything up to make sure that it's perfect. 

step six


With all that hard work you've put in to your event being everything you've dreamed of, now is the time that you kick back, relax, have a cocktail, and let us take over! 

Acoustic Trio

DMSR UnPlugged as they like to call themselves. This is a great group, and between the three of these guys, they know well over 10,000 songs! 



6 Piece Band

This group would include our drummer, keyboard player, bass player, guitar player, conga player/percussionist, a singer, and a professional sound and light engineer. 



10-Piece Band

When this group gets together, it is incredible! This would include all of the 6-Piece band PLUS a 3-piece horn section and an additional vocalist.




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